Murmelo Primer

Activate your account now and view the hidden context! /msg murmelo !setpass newpassword

Entered an URL and now you regret it? !hups will remove it.

Don't want your URL to be stored? Put a ! as the first character on the line. Don't want others to see your urls or messages? /msg murpot !set messages private and /msg murpot !set context private will hide all your messages from others.

Wanna put your history behind? Send !set history private to Murmelo, and your old messages (messages imported prior to 2009-03-01) will no longer be visible to other registered accounts (they never were visible to people without one). Bulk removal of messages not yet available.

Excited about Web 2.0 and want to tag everything? Accompany your urls with [tag1] [tag2], or [tag1, tag2], or pass message !tag tag1, multi-word tag to the channel to tag URLs.

Looking for source? Murmelo git repository, Ocaml-Irc git repository - Murmelo's BSD licensed, ocaml-irc GPL.


Modeemi Url Mega Logger is an irc-based service that logs the URLs from the channel to a database. In addition to logging plain URLs it has the capability to log nearby lines for added context.

Murmelo has sophisticated privacy features. By default, URLs entered on the channel will be available for anyone (including crawlers) to see, but that setting can be changed to be one of:

In addition to providing URL message visibility limits Murmelo has separate flag for storing context messages, which are messages that appear within the previous/following 2 lines/30 seconds (the actual values may vary). By default such the visibility of such messages is semipublic.

Note: visiblity settings affect only newly inserted messages. Messages entered before changing the setting are not affected. Only "set history" can affect those, and its current time span is quite limited. If you wish to change the visibility setting en masse, contact flux.

The visibility limitations for url and context messages can be changed respectively with the following commands:

/msg murmelo !set messages [new message visibility]
/msg murmelo !set context [new context visibility]

By default new accounts are created with message visibility set to public and context visibility set to semipublic.

Message format


Upon seeing a message with a sequence beginning with http://, the message with all the URLs in it is stored to the database. This can be prevented by prefixing the line with !. This works also in the single URL level: a sequence beginning with !http:// will not be recognized as an URL. However, in this case, if the line contains other URLs, they will be stored, and thus the hidden URL will also be visible, if not linked from the web page.


Messages can also be tagged. By accompanying an URL with the sequence [tagname] the URLs in the line (all of them) will be tagged with the tag. The tags will be visible, written in subscript, in the web page. At this point (2009-03-09) tags cannot be used for anything, but at some point they will likely become browseable and searchable. Messages can be tagged later by anyone sending the command !tag tagname to the channel, or by sending them privately to the bot by the author, as described in the list of commands.

Summary of Murmelo commands

Do /msg murmelo !command args to send a command to Murmelo.

All the commands work when given on the channel too, if you prefix the message with "botname," (so: "murmelo:"), but the response (if any) still goes back with a /notice. Some commands work even without the prefix, such as hups.

removes the latest message you entered from the database. This command can be said on the channel without prefixing it with the bot nick.
setpass [password]
activates your account by setting a password to it. The password is used for accessing the URL page from the Web (so you can see other people's semipublic messages and your own private messages). In addition it is likely be used for allow user-directed account merging.
gives a short list of possible commands.
help [!command]
gives help on a certain command - if that entry has been written :)
help [topic]
gives help on other topics, referred from the help for commands
set [messages|context] [private|public|semipublic]
sets the message visibility as discussed above
[set|unset] [notice]
sets or unsets the flag to /notice you upon entering an URL. Note: the feature doesn't actually work as of writing this line at 2009-03-09
set history [private|public|somepublic]
sets the visibility of your old messages, messages imported from IRC logs prior to 2009-03-02. By default your old messages are visible to registered accounts.
tells you who Murmelo thinks you are. Also tells you your message visibility settings and from which hostmasks it detects you
a privileged command to reload account database
whois [nick]
a privileged command to query the account of a nick on IRC
[set|unset] [flag] for [account]
a privileged command to set or unset a flag for an account
tag [tag1] [, tag2..]
tags the latest URL seen on the channel with tags of your choice. If sent privately, it tags the latest URL from you.
public http://url/ [tag] other text
Adds a public url regardless of your visibility setting.
private http://url/ [tag] other text
Adds a private url regardless of your visibility setting.
semipublic http://url/ [tag] other text
Adds a semipublic url regardless of your visibility setting.
mergeauthor somenick password
Merges your user mask and messages with some other user, who has a password set. Note that your current messages will be merged with their current visibility setting, they will not be changed, while the visibility settings of somenick will not be changed by this command.
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