Junction Hackathon 11. marraskuuta

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Junction is a two day hackathon bringing together developers, creators and designers from all over Europe for one weekend to build the future. The best teams will get to pitch their hacks on stage at Slush on the 11th of November in front of a panel of investors. The winning team will take home a 20 000€ main prize. The hackathon is organized in Helsinki, Finland, from the 6th to the 8th of November. Participation is completely free of charge. The event is made possible by amazing partners such as Klarna, Uber, Shopify, If, Rails Girls, Futurice, Reaktor, Unity and Finnair among others. Junction Hackathon is free to attend and participants will get a free accommodation. For more information check this out: ​ https://www.facebook.com/events/1460852820890313/ See you at the event! The hackathon is organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. Register at ​ hackjunction.com

(Toim. huom. promokoodia MODEEMI521 saa käyttää, jos tarpeeksi moni käyttää niin mukaan päässeet saa 20€ matkarahaa)